Cable Management

Cable Management

There are two versions of cable management available and they can be used with any of the products.  The objective is to distribute power and data to desks and workstations that may not have access to services on a wall.  We use the office furniture as a means to transport the cable with either one or a combination of the following;

Cable baskets are screwed under the workstation or desk and carry the cabling through to a face mounted power and data plate.  Power rails are clamped to the back of a workstation or desk containing the outlets neatly in a single unit.  They can also be used with different types of office furniture.

Both options are completely soft wired enabling ultimate flexibility with installation and re-configure.  As the cables can be used over and over it also minimises the impact on the environment. 

For more information on cable management please refer to our Technical Manual in the downloads section.


  • Simple solutions for power and data reticulation
    Variety of alternatives for bringing power down from the roof
    All soft wired
    Above or below desk solutions
    5 year warranty